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We sincerely thank all of our guests over the past 9 years who bust their butt to make shit happen!!  So this PHONE IT IN reference in the blog title does not suggest that any of our guests are slackers….Rather it is simply to emphasize that The JB REV SHOW DOES IT LIVE,WEEKLY and WE Have a PHONE….and we are NOT Afraid to USE IT….



This Week Via The JB Rev Show we have one Hell of a session for YOU all of our guests will be phoning IT IN for this weeks SHOW:


OK Wait That was not supposed to sound Like That!.. plus we already went over this in the opening sentences…. However it seems to have gotten your attention, and that is good, because we are pointing out that our guests this week are relatively controversial, and somewhat opposites…. OR ARE THEY????


WE at WJBW want to ensure we are giving voice to all the voices not just selecting people who live in Orlando or live in some bubble or are perhaps the flavor of the month……or some other media darling…..NO!

Rather we have always offered quite a diverse line up of Guests whether in Studio or Telephonically…NINE YEARS STRONG…IN FACT ….So therefore Buckle UP Papa….


First UP 7:30 we have a session with Stuart Delony of an independent Podcast Production called Snarky Faith. Stuart is based up in North Carolina..which i think is part of the Bible belt or whatever it is that they are calling it now….??? Bible Suspenders maybe?


At any rate this production SNARKY FAITH is quite interesting as Stuart Truly is pushing forward with a force that basically is designed to make people think a little bit…Use their Faith and or critical thinking Skills..regarding politics, religion..and such.. these two topics alone offer some formidable territory these days…also….. .. the show provides solace to those that are Spiritually disenfranchised …….Check the edition below…


Stuart is Curious, Not Afraid to Ask questions and often will truly make people think…..and therefore giving sweet sunshine to those who may be trapped by doubt or disbelief and allowing and encouraging people to ask questions..He is fostering the notion of leveraging the very Freedom This Country is supposed to Stand For…so check the site  or give a listen and or follow the guy on twitter..


Next UP at 8pm EST…We get a call from out West, with an exciting and envelope pushing musician and artist known as Justin Symbol..NOW Known as STAR DADDY…….


Justin Symbol aka Star Daddy is a self-proclaimed embodiment of Yin and Yang…he is a unique electronic/rock/industrial musician. His work places strong emphasis on visual themes, with colorful music videos and onstage theatrics. Pushing the boundaries and making YOU Think. He has multiple efforts moving at once so we are grateful to get some of his time.

55853670_1105058339665586_2355450409763471360_nSTAR DADDY’s music has been featured on The Reverends Revelations a couple of Times so we are Honored to be able to connect with him and Get a call to learn more about his wild antics …the origin of ….. The Star Daddy..PLUS much more like his recent history with The GOD Bombs..,,.previous work as JUSTIN SYMBOL ……looking forward to an exciting provocative…….



SO we are guessing you the blog reader can see the contrasting themes now??? Or are they similarities??? either way…. Please enjoy this PHONE  IT IN episode 04/09/19 this Tuesday night 7pm est..via this LINK  

And of Course let us not forget our own efforts at WJBW to bring you even MORE diversity via MUSIC.

The Circadian Cast is Five Years Old NOW and is pumping out Original Music each Week.. HERE is the iTunes LINK

2018 CC Pic


We have about 9 More Episodes before the end of #SeasonNiner and we will announce the BIG 300 Date and Details we will offer for a LIVE Broadcast experience you cannot FIND elsewhere…For NOW do not forget that WE will be set uP LIVE in April for this BIG EVENT…at Whiskey Lou’s for their 50th Anniversary: April 14th






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