Fifty Years of Whiskey Lou’s: WJBW Blogging Follies

HEY EVERYBODY LOU Diamond Phillips Turns 50 this Sunday!! and they are having a huge party at Whiskey Lou’s April 14th 2019 Noon to 8 pm The Rev and I will be there to Document this momentous occasion..wait I am being handed a note……………………………



………..OK sorry we got that Wrong…………. it is the 50th anniversary of Whiskey Lou’s and The Rev and I will be out there Documenting the occasion with a LIVE broadcast:


We will be set up from 4-6 talking with people and flexing our ability to live broadcast and document great events around Orlando..and this event is a big Deal…………..


Orlando has for 50 years had this Bar as a part of the beloved Milk District even before it was even called that… I am sure……1969 that was along time ago…and we are Honored to have been the First to Broadcast out of the Joint:



So once again we were honored to be asked to come back and do it for this epic event…Here is the main show link look for LIVE edition of COME OUT..and Celebrate,…the event starts at NOON and we start up at 4pm ish…

so Live streaming Sunday Fun day via Whiskey Lou’ is the flyer and the FB event



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