Post UP: WJBW Blogging Follies

Definition of post up. intransitive verb. : to take up a position against a defender in the post in basketball while standing with one’s back to the basket. transitive verb. : to post up against (a defender) in basketball.

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh ………….    the Orlando Magic are In the playoffs…Finally…

OK that is all the sports talk you will get here…move along……….



#SeasonNiner Rages forward,,this Week Via The JB REV Show we have another educational edition where we gonna be fixing to learn ya about some people……like we do each week…learning ya real good……..Papa


First UP a call With musician Billy Floyd….. Billy is also Co founder of Kitchen Killaz along with another Musician named Jay “the Commodore” Stephens they Post UP in Kitchens all over the place  Play some Jams and Eat some FOOD…this is an interesting concept for a web interesting original idea…..Billy shares more insight with us….as they are hungry musicians traveling to kitchens playing MUSIC and eating we are eager to hear more…


PLUS,,, that covers two of our four topics…so that just leaves Art and Activism…lets see what our Next Guest has to offer…OH dang good thing next Up and In studio with us a another musician and a member of The Lounge Diggaz


Yes It is Jack Demarco a musician and also an advocate of certain Causes plus he writes a blog about the Burning Man Event and working in the media…


so we hope to learn more about Jack and his background, and current efforts..Of course Some of our tried and true bits along the way such as some of The Reverends Revelations …and Breaking News Badly…Join us Streaming LIVE via This here LINK…Tuesday Night 7 pm to 9 pm EST..DIG IT >>  JB



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