FUSIONForALL: WJBW Blogging Follies

Life is Full of Heartaches but also can be Full of Joys. So make sure YOU keep focused on the right things…because it is too easy to get drawn into a spiral of negative thoughts…..That is why we at WJBW offer a weekly focus on ART,MUSIC,Food and Activism. We make sure we are working to learn about people by having a good ole fashion dialogue…This is Our Ninth Season Of Original content Creation…#SeasonNIner


This week on The JB Rev Show we focus on ART and Music..and of course encourage YOU to discover BOTH with an undying curiosity..in the City Beautiful…and BEYOND! Get a little FUSION in YOUR life and see what happens….




So Joining us for the JB Rev Show Experience is Jean-Claude Rasch who is not only working to document and curate ART in Orlando but is also a local multi media artist that we are eager to learn more about..Jean and His Effort to create and document via Art Scene Press


7:30 pm We have a call lined up for a Local legend Reconnect with DJ BMF of Famed Orlando Event #PHatNJazzy.



DJ BMF busts it weekly… to ensure Orlando has authentic entertainment vibes all across the city and now we are up against the 25th anniversery of the epic event which we will also discuss and learn more about those included in the event line up who are offering up theses authentic sounds….

57556872_10156067140267554_3784076130072395776_o the Event is Happening May 11th 2019 @IronCow it is the 25th Anniversary of Phat N Jazzy which is an institution in Orlando for bringing the fusion of sounds jazz, house, hip hop and plainly..just dope music…Here is the FB Event..click IT..Buy Tickets NOW…



SO in summary DO WHAT YOU LOVE do not let others dampen or sour what makes YOU happy that is just the little secret of Life..YOU are welcome.. Carry on..and Be Creative…JB



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