Little By Little: WJBW Blogging Follies

YOU Can DO IT..just keep moving forward with little steps and not judge yourself by a 24 hour cycle..because that is just stupid…your life is not defined by just ONE DAY….anyway..that is enough philosophy for Today: Because as we know Rome was not built in a day..and who is going to front on that knowledge..Not I..Not I sir..NOT I

Next UP this week via The JB Rev Show..we have trusted sit in co host Jack DeMarco:

Jack is a great musician and also prolific in local media productions as the guy who gets IT DONE.. Happy to have him riding Shotgun this week..TUNE IN HERE Tuesday May 14 2019 7pm ish..


Joining us in studio a true treat the talented JUstin Kangrga hangs out with us, we learn about his background the first hour and perhaps can get some LIVE music moving in Studio…as well…



Then at 8 pm we have a call from the Banana Foodie…who works to share the glory of food all around Florida..He has a faithful following and is working to make sure he is preaching the glory of local cuisine and other delights…So we look forward to learning a bit more…


Then of Course we wash it all down with some breaking news badly..your texts and phone calls..407-906-9328 ,,, in closing GO.. Tell your Mama you LOVE them right NOW……………….OK Papa..Peace OUT..JB



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