Legends of Beats and Brews: WJBW Blogging Follies

Hell Ya.. We keep pushing forward as always….we suggest you do the same, keep moving it Forward Papa…MUSH…MUSH…


Here at WJBW Productions we have just a couple episodes left before the END of our #SeasonNiner aka #Season9er we are The Original In Independent media productions leading the WAY!!!


The JB Rev show is an Orlando Staple for all things ART,Music,Food and Activism and via The Circadian Cast we air original Music….on the weekly….almost a decade strong…..SO Thanks for your support….


This week on #TheJBReVShow we offer up some serious Talent under the topics of Music and Food..wait Beer is Food right?


Yes I am being told BEER is food.. so we are covered…this week check the Line UP for Tuesday nights Show..which again is available via this main HUB LINK

We Open the Show with a special In studio session with Legendary Tom Moench of Orange Blossom Brewing. Tom will be sharing the History of his organization and also sharing some flavors with US for some LIVE on Air Tastings…


Tom is very passionate and Knowledgeable about Beer, so we are eager to learn more about his organization and anything else he wants to bring to the table. Check their SITE with a Beer finder HERE



Then at 8pm we have another pretty dang Legendary cat..from the west coast who is giving us a call….This is Exciting…drum roll…Ron Keys aka DJ SWAMP will be join us so we can learn more about his origins and incredible music career.



DJ SWAMP has a mind blowing set of DJ Skills plus his EAR is sharp and keen. His body of work is highly impressive so We truly cant wait to learn more…..The Reverend will be spearheading this conversation so you know it will be insightful and rich..



Our 300th Episode the following week will be LIVE from Maxine’s on Shine so YOU can Join us LIVE via streaming or IN Person..The Restaurant is Open to the public and we will be set up in the back kissing room..old school style ..Here is Event Info:


See ya on the next thing we do..Peace..JB



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