Season Nine Inch Niner Complete: WJBW Blogging Follies



Words are Important, and so are Actions..words and actions together and HOT damn..

That’s a Spicy Meatball..


So as I use Mostly GIF’s :

Here is all the information ABOUT our words and actions,


colliding in an effervescent burst of refreshing LIVE Remote ACTION..


Taking the form of our #Season9er Finale.. 

Our 7th LIVE Broadcast From Maxine’s On Shine also This is the #SeasonNiner Final Episode oh ya also our 300th Episode, With Special Guests:

Panther Brunotte

and The Manns

plus Heidi Kneisl.


So Join US grab a drink or two and some food as The Restaurant will be Open to the Public. these LINKS…for More Info about #MaxinesAfterDark7


Join us LIVE IN PERSON or Streaming VIA


Then we take a hefty Break before any Summer Tour Dates are announced…..

giphy-8 enjoy the summer we are off for a few weeks… …Cheers JB..








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