First Leg of Summer Tour: WJBW Blogging Follies

Welcome Back: What IT DO Every Papa?…We have a special July in Store for you!! So lets get to it shall we…HERE is the First Leg of Our Tour.



We KICK things OFF with a Bang our Summer Tour to Promote Local Businesses Begins from WJBW Studios ..Here is our LINE UP


July 9:

WJBW Studio A Call with the phenomenal Front Man of Tortured SoulWe speak with John Christian Urich of Tortured SOUL The Group specifically the Front Man has helped to take House Music into places it typically does not fit….This 3 piece Band is so infectious and just emanates a Raw PURE VIBE.   Orlando They are at Iron COW JULY 27th…We are Sure you will LOVE IT>>>SO



IN Closing.. Jack Demarco Sits in Studio with The Reverend and Myself……so of Course a Revelations Revelation and some Breaking News Badly should wrap this one UP…NEXT


July 16:

Hacienda Mastering Matt Davis Local Legend Session Gives us a Tour literally and figuratively of Hacienda Mastering Studios. Matt has worked with some very impressive and talented musical acts so we learn about his History and the Studios as well…


July 23:

Grounding Roots The New Aloma Location. Jedediah Stone takes some time to offer us a tour of their freshly OPENED Grounding Roots its actually in Winter Park...the address is on the page….we are stoked to follow up with Jed, as we interviewed him back over a year AGO.. IT IS SO AWESOME TO SEE THE GROWTH.……Jed, will surely offer us some powerful Juices plus other items he has in this NEW Spot. The decor alone is dynamite…so Join US LIVE for some Healthy Conversations and JUICE…


July 30:

The Imperial: We get to sit down with  John Washburn the Owner of The Imperial at the Original Spot on Antique Row..for a Local Legend session and perhaps more insight on his growing endeavor with The Imperial at Washburn as he has 3 locations now so he is definitely doing something right.  a Brilliant concept of selling antique furniture in the day and full on Bar at night..We are excited to Broadcast LIVE from the original “The Imperial” Near Downtown on Antique Row…here are the details


So just a bit Closer to August and we will release our Line UP for the Second LEG…

Just Like This…so its nice and easy for everyone to know what we are doing each Month….plus just One Blog post A month for me. which is good because it is summer…OK you get IT….,,,,OK PAPA Dig IT DO IT,,,,Lets ROCK….JB


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