It Pleases Me to Introduce to YOU: WJBW Blogging Follies

OK so HI Hello and all that…10 Years of Original Content Independently funded so ….We Make ZERO MONEY… Doing IT for the LOVE… We want to offer a way to learn more about people..and for ten years that is what we have been doing.. slow and steady… SO..

Season Apocalypse is Real..That Starts 9/24/19 7 pm

LIVE streaming VIA this main HUB so follow US There 

OK so Now to new additions to the Show at WJBW we are pleased to welcome Jack Demarco , Jack is quite an affable individual a great musician also he knows News … Jack will taking over the Long time bit of Breaking News Badly … So Breaking News Badly with Jack Demarco weekly,….. if he is in studio or calling in we know Jack will be doing a much better job at the news than JB …so Next UP ……


John Jennings is quite musically talented a great guitar player amongst other talents he is also is a man of many Johnny will be contributing from behind the scenes mostly yet is a great sit in co host, plus he will be bringing his…. AXE to get some LIVE music moving for rejoins and what not…


So there you have it two new additions to WJBW Networks…Please feel free to meet the Cast via this updated Page...Tune IN for Season Apocalypse…Starting 9/24/19 7 pm 

Cheers JB 


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