Brace Yourself: WJBW Blogging Follies

Trust Me… I’m a Baby… classic Line….I use it all the time myself……anyway..welcome back y’all ,,,,,…….come and love me the way you used to do….or whatever…. as season apocalypse is now upon US:


Ten Years is a long time most people have not had their current job for ten years so weeeee..look at us…yes yes anyways…..Lets Roll out the line up for the Season 10 Opener  …..Let the good times roll 


First up hanging in studio this week is Jack Demarco and of course The Reverend.

Jack will be doing some breaking News badly and The Rev offers up a Revelation.


730 We have a call set up with Rick of Mayhem on Mills we learn about this FN rad Halloween Horror Fights II …


Next 8pm we speak with the most talented Betty Fox of The Betty Fox band with some new music coming out soon and a big Release via this FB event: plus touring around we feel honored to get some time to learn more about this soulful music

Then 8:30 ish we get a ring from Eddie The Shaman a true gem of Orlando…or is it the peter pan of Orlando? …anyway he ran for a while as a part of the Phillips Phile here in Orlando so an honor to do a local legend session and learn more about what he is currently doing to push positive things forward in Orlando…

And of course Please know this season we are really working to dig deep and solve all of the worlds problems…so …ok… just kidding there… but this 10th will be special as we seek to find a truly worthy cause to raise a bunch of money for….so give us suggestions via contact form 


OK Peace OUT Tune IN LIVE on 9/24/19 7pm VIA THIS main hub look for LIVE edition 


PS: We may have some special guest calling IN..We are The Original In Orlando thanks for helping US get Original independent content to YOU!

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