Prepare for Impact: WJBW Blogging Follies

Season 10 aka #SeasonApocalypse is Upon Us… and this coming Tuesday night 7pm EST the History will be so Rich you may feel a slight chill of intimidation, however do you not we bring Rich History yes, but in a palpable you do not get the GOUT… so just lay back and enjoy this ONE..OK?



First Hour we have a local legend session that will boggle your mind. please to introduce Cap Spence ..This guy is an amazing person with a background so amazing you may think some of this is made up, however Cap will be sharing his story with us and we are eager to learn more of this True Man of Action. Click this link and read up from a 2003 article ABOUT ..CAP Spence  


Then after the 8pm Hour we will get a call from an interesting Podcast down in south Florida it is ….That record Got me High podcast. Rob and Barry will both be able to chat with us. These guys are true music lovers and actually have a cool concept for this show, they do some history dig and go deep to understand some incredible aspects of modern Music History song by song …. ….Check out their Show HERE 69356918_486728872170636_787740145032888320_n


Next UP we may have some Breaking News Badly and of course our other usual stops like The Reverends revelation… So I am Kinda Tired and am going to chill out now so peace to the world ..Tune In Tuesday Night HERE for the Show 7PM EST..


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