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Welcome Back Y’all…….. This week we have a ROCK solid episode to share Tuesday night starting 7pm so lets get right to it….. we GO LIVE via this SITE JOIN US.

TJBRS 2020

7:15 pm: We have a special Guest in studio A Local legend without question:If we have not already formally Dubbed Him it need to Happen this week…


Christian Kelty Joins us to catch up and chat a bit about some exciting News for the Overheard at Joe’s concept: Christian has been working hard to bring one of a kind performances to Orlando and abroad so it is awesome to hear some news about one of his Fringe Shows and how it has GROWN…….



8pm Hour: Check IT this week we have a solid Local Legend call set UP with Jon Zazula: 

Besides being a bad ass American Metal Record Producer he is the Founder of Megaforce Records… So we are eager to hear some stories and learn more about his epic career…Also of course We get some insight from Jon about his newest venture which is this BOOK: Heavy Tales The Metal. The Music. The Madness.


The book it is being released October 29th 2019 You can snag a Pre-Order HERE 

Of course we have our traditional Bits of The Reverends revelations and Breaking News Badly so Join us as we forever LIVE Stream Forward…Peace..JB 


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