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Welcome to the First Blog about the first show of 2020. Catch UP on Any Past Episodes Via:


We at WJBW have a solid decade under our belts of selflessly showcasing talented people and now have we found ourselves just…….. 5 months away or about 20 shows…away…from the END of #SeasonApocalypse : Here is a little video I made to showcase the seriousness of this matter.. TUNE IN VIA THIS LINK

However Please Rejoice as we have an earnest and loaded session for the first episode of the year…….exciting to ……..announce……. it…………………………..wait………………….wait…NOW!!

TJBRS 2020

We are Honored to have an in studio guest that has 4 decades under his belt of Animal advocacy .. we are pleased to have a Lord of Orlando Local Legend Session with the One and Only Jim Bronzo:


Jim has recently been through a tough experience with the sanctuary so like we do we want to keep it hopeful and forward thinking…Do some homework….Read this article for more insight into what he has recently gone through..


We catch up with Jim to learn about his past here in Central Florida offering Humane animal capture plus his awesome compound out near Bithlo!



Check the website, and Donate anything you can to help him keep this sanctuary for these unique animals. We truly endorse what Jim is doing out here so please expect our normal flow with origins into present day..and perhaps an announcement of a future collaboration

We hope to have a few More Surprises that are yet to be confirmed. 

Also TUNE Into Our show dedicated to Original Music #TheCircadianCast is six years old… and we still AIR original sounds… send us your songs or safe download site to :


So thanks for helping to support what we do…shine a light on deserving hard working people every week….BE Curious…Have NO FEAR ….Keep the Faith ….Love and Respect Each Other… Peace OUT…. JB

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