Podcast-Apocalypse: WJBW Networks Blogging Follies

The Entire MONTH of APRIL we are GOING PODCAST CRAZY.., we want to learn about any type of podcast during the MONTH of APRIL 2020  after ALL this is #SeasonApocalypse and we are Closing #TheJBRevShow DOWN in MAY 2020.. So Fill out a Contact Form and we can schedule your session…Every TUESDAY Night iN April…

We do about a 15 minute session over the Phone we want to hear a few simple things: 

Podcast Origins:

Podcast is about?

Podcast Mission

Drop where folks can consume it..



April Has 4 Tuesday Nights and WE can do about 3 to 4 Podcaster Interviews a Show.. With the Final Episode squeezing in As Many as possible up to 5 HOurs of Broadcasting……SO GET READY..





We are still trying to collect folks to work on our Online Fundraiser called the Screaming Peacock Festival………………………………….. for Second Chance Wildlife Sanctuary …DOT ORG MOFO 

So Drop US a LINE about that also perhaps…..OK Papa Love and Respect Each Other..

TJBRS 2020

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