Locked and Loaded: WJBW Blogging Follies


YO YO we truly Hope for wellness and Safety for those who read this…and especially if you share it…OK… so promoting ART MUSIC FOOD and Activism has been our credo since day 1..so it is great to see during this crisis how very VITAL those areas are for all Human Life..


We SHINE a light for TEN Years on those doing great things and super talented folks that ride off the positive VIBES and Make SHIT Happen..

TJBRS 2020


.so again Kudos to those who have been apart of what we do here…




and being close to the end of our #SeasonApocalypse on The JB Rev Show with less than  Shows Left the Future is relatively uncertain..as we plan on closing out the JB Rev show and perhaps embark on something New………However this edition  Tuesday Night  is an Epic show we have a session set up with the incredible and quite amazing Michael Alago


BUY his Book HERE Newly Released Memoir  

Not to overshadow our Other Guest we Learn about Stephen Stull AND HIS INTERESTING PODCAST TO KICK OFF OUR SPECIAL #PODCASTAPOCALYPSE we learn about The HOLD UP with Stephen Stull  Go give em a lIke and learn about this interesting PODCAST dedicated to memory and movies….



Then our Long Time Friends The Martins will be giving us an Update from their travels back in Orlando and now doing cool things like this via the Show Page 


For Sunday Morning Coming Down ;; Radio Show i on 104.1

Of course we have Breaking New Badly if you follow that show page we released the first two episodes of some Archive Gold during these crazy times we figure you should have a character like Auntie Embryo OK papa…Cheers..Please enjoy …



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