(WJBW Bonus Content Unlocked) Season Ether September 20th

WJBW Season Ether begins September 20th at 7pm EST.

We will welcome back some sponsors Old and New.

We will feature an amazing young broadcaster Plus venerate a true Local legend.

To take some pressure off me, we have adopted a Live broadcast that features prerecorded sessions. During the season we may move back to doing the whole thing LIVE. But for now, as we fire things back up. I want to make this a smooth process.

Therefore the Blog is ambiguous, short, and sweet.

Thank you for the Love and support over all these years, I am excited to be back to my roots. I hope to offer up honest, earnest, and insightful sessions. Showing people some admiration for their accomplishments. Offer encouragement to those who work hard and do not get a bunch of recognition.

Ok, well enough for now. I must go to Costco and stock up on paper towels.

LOL OK, papa.Peace Out.

see you on the show.


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