Back Again ..It’s The Dehydrated Duo: WJBW Blogging Follies



Wow 2 Live Remotes back to back in scorching Florida Summer..great planning whoever put that idea together..oh it was ME.. there you have it..mystery solved.. No sincerely Huge Thanks to Twist and Maxine’s for having us Out.for a Live broadcasts from two great local businesses .and all of our guests and friends..Huge ..Thank You! we feel the LOVE.. it was Fun.. Hit us up here if you want to talk about a LIVE event at your Business.

jb Rev pic

Yes..Fun. HOT and Fun ,good thing I drink tons of water…Ok so Now I am setting up the Studio all nice and back to normal.. whew the nice cold AC.. oh also writing this blog and also broadcasting the Circadian Cast.




Tomorrow night dang that is quickly approaching. This week we have a #locallegend session with Nadeem Khan the stand up Bass player from The Wild Tones..



To talk Rock and Roll, Hot Rod’s and much more as we learn about Nadeem’s history and undeniable presence here in Orlando and abroad..


Then at 8pm, our new friend Circa we met at Maxine’s will be giving us a jingle to discuss music and more..




Tons on tap as usual and we might actually get to the news.this week….one never knows..oh got time to lean got time to clean.. I have to get back to work. .this blog is late as it is already so taking chunks out whilst multitasking it is just ducky….OK papa cheers..

JB & Rev

So join us tomorrow night 7 pm live stream opens here

Oh enjoy this video from The Wildtones

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