Maxine’s After Dark 2 :WJBW Blogging Follies

Yes Yes back again..another LIVE remote that you can attend..We Love this SPOT for so many reason’s Kirt and Maxine are the primary, great food, atmosphere,real local talent..authentic the building has History and Great bones and let’s see..I guess that’s IT..Plain and simple…..Maxine’s is just very authentic.


That’s the thing about Authenticity it is impossible to fake. So to stay true to WJBW’s admiration and weekly Veneration of Orlando’s Music History we are honored to have mover and shaker Jim Faherty who will be joining us during the broadcast..Stories a Local legend interview real proper like stories did I mention the #RichHistory this man will bring to your ears..Stories.. aplenty ..Tons of Orlando music and club nightlife richness and his animal magnetism will be evident throughout the episode..I am confident.





Plus joining us throughout the show as well as Jim we also have the incredible blues and soulful Kevin Maines joining along for the ride..We will do an conversational style interview with Kevin and hear about some of his upcoming performances and the release of some remarkable music..




We will chat with both of our guests/co hosts and then of course we will chat with Juice Pimp aka Kirt Earhart.. Below you can find details for specials if you are dining or drinking and dining. Then a bit later we are happy have the opportunity to chat with front man of  BEEMO .. Dan will be available for some conversation about their music..


Of course we will be Playing some Kevin Maines and the volts and Beemo..PLUS WE EXPECT some surprises as we broadcast live from the kissing room from within the glorious Maxine’s On Shine

Here are the specials At Maxine’s for The night of the

LIVE broadcast..and each week for that matter check out a different line of specials

Wharf Wednesdays

Bringing sensational seasonal seafood selections to Colonialtown South. Receive 10% off all Maxine’s seafood menu classics or peruse through our fresh features for midweek. Additionally pick from our $20 Barrels of Grog, aka, the Juice Pimp’s secret stash of delicious wine or Beer Bombers (750ml’s).

Ok Man, that’s a whole lotta shakin goin on.


Let’s keep it rocking and rolling Home skillets..


JB & Rev



ΑΩ Post Script: We snagged a bit of a past backhanded compliment via Orlando Weekly circa 1999 , to validate our Local Legend title2016-07-24_1117_oweeklysnippet






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