Grab Em Right in the Podcast! : WJBW Blogging Follies

If you see me getting mighty if you see me getting high knock me down..Or Whatever..!

So this week , we are going to pre record ALL shows just in case of another hurricane!!….Oh snap..SYKE ! Just kidding at WJBW we do everything LIVE and so it shall remain.

This week, we will kick off the week with an overdue episode of The Circadian Cast this very Sunday afternoon. Dig the sounds Here..3 or 4pm est. Live show we asked for Art and Music and still will take your sounds and visuals to showcase send us your art for our new logo.. and music for future episodes.


Monday night we have the ever opinionated #Jillicious in studio for a well stocked edition of #BreakingNewsBadly. We will be getting our feet wet on several hot topics..

Tuesday Night #TheJBRevShow  will be LIVE from The Milk District for our Go Food Truck yourself two.. we expect to  speak with several agents of change ( business owners and food truck owners)  Milk district  will officially be named an official orlando district..and we will be broadcasting LIVE inside of #SpaceBar ..with a closing interview session with the Punk Rap Rock Hardcore duo Ho99o9 whom will be playing a free show to close out the ceremonies..,

Go follow their soundcloud page and website.. go listen and like the fuck out of their sounds..(Like that video link above these words in this blog post).

WJBW Ocho Logo

So in summary..three days of broadcasting LIVE in a row.. Music, News, and Talk..October 9th10th And 11th… All streaming LIVE via WJBW HuB

& again totally Free… cheers donkeys…JB


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