I Used the Useless but found it Useful: WJBW Blogging Follies

Make the most out of what you have and you get more opportunities..basically..that has been a hard concept for people lately, people seem to never be satisfied with what they have ..always wanting more.. This emptiness can create a real hateful world full of selfish and greed..Anyway.. The world has to keep changing and moving forward but one thing should never go away and it is the simple concept that we are all the same that is exactly why we are all different.. wait or something like that Thanks Katt Williams…So take care of each other young,old, sick, healthy, weak, and strong.. you get it yet ? ..Ok Papa let me come down off this soapbox.


This week, we have a week off from #BreakingNewsBadly so catch up on all episodes HERE!


Next Each  and every Tuesday night 7pm we promote talented people and put their advancement above our own..Each week we do that shit..every week..Oh you get it now?

So happy to report a bit of Orlando Music History right in studio the previously dubbed Local legend Jim Faherty , plus the badassery of David Minshew..whom we shall be dubbing a Local Legend..naturally..


Both will join The Reverend and Myself in studio this week for a healthy conversation about some bad ass stuff coming to Orlando and to remind you about how this infrastructure of awesomeness came to be in Orlando..


Plus I have not opened the care package from Pocashottest.com yet so we will do so with our guests and taste test some Orlando born Hot Sauces.. Go to This site for more information.Ok ,that’s all I got for now..catch you on the flip of the flop homies..JB






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