Massive MUSIC Week: WJBW blogging follies


Oh Snap..  I Guess we broke the News uh oh sorry about that..earlier in the week Jill and I chose to .. cut the lifeline for #BreakingNewsBadly as it’s own show.. damn you 2016..


While Breaking News Badly with Jillicious was fun we have decided to merge the segment back to the mothership show. The JB Rev Show’ Look for something More Twist related in 2017. Besides 3 Live weekly shows was a ton of work for ME. So we are working to dedicate more time to Just Talk and Music and anyway I mean F@%K The News.. anyway Right!

SO ..Who Else in homeroom class is ever So highly excited for the balance of 2016 to dwindle away Softly..with NO more Surprises..well maybe just one about the election results being totally wrong..??  OH ya, So.. what the hell is going on this week…wow can I Ramble..or what.. ??


It is Massive Music Week at WJBW


7pm est. Tuesday night we fire up The Jb Rev Show and The Rev and I we are honored to have the talented Manny Rivera


in studio with some drum support doing LIVE acoustic songs.. just after a proper interview session of course… all VIA .Halo Milo in studio…We have been steady playing music from Manny aka Halo Milo and are happy to have him in studio for a deeper chat.. so..Check this promo for an EP releasing


Then we Invite Manny to hang with us because up next at 8pm est. Honestly blown away that we have such a talented show lined up..this week,,,here it Ready ??



We are so STOKED to be able to announce a telephone session with Front Man of The Legendary Shack Shakers  J.D. Wilkes  Man of Many Talents will be calling in at 8pm est. to share some background of his own into music and some undoubtedly wonderful tales from the road. J.D. Wilkes is a busy with tons of projects it seems so we hope to hear about writings,Art and more Music..  Hear yourself some…NOW just click that video and listen to Mud from their latest The Southern Surreal

IN Case you have not ever heard of this band and chose not to click that video is a quote of the best way to describe the experience. “Described by guitar legend Jeff Beck” as “a cross between the Yardbirds and the Sex Pistols”,they will be playing at Will’s Pub this New Years here is a dual step link to Ticketfly  here After this session we will roll a few tracks of of the southern Goth Release of The Southern Surreal.

So .. Go like and follow bands from reputable sources only… apparently there are some unscrupulous people out there who would try and fondle your good times..with their pervy little fingers..or whatever..ok


Then later in the week, or the weekend perhaps another fine installment of The Circadian Cast. We play original music, because you send IT. and so it shall remain.. is the email address attach music files or send a simple statement of your approval to air your sounds and send us to a safe download site so we can snag your sounds then just like that we pull from our massive library of sounds and curate an episode..


and once again I for ONE am damn well ready for 2017..Stay Frosty…JB





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