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This Week We ask that YOU simply Shake IT.. So If you want to shake it off Shake IT Up..or Just Shake that thing..We implore you to engage in Motion for it begets the same..Keep It Moving, flex that shit every now and then so you know it still works…Seriously..OK Papa



We sincerely Thank you for following along for the past 8 years. Making Content for consumption on the internet has been an ever changing adventure. So the ONE consistent thing has been YOUR Support..which Is EVER So Valued..YOU understand the concept of Sharing…and suggesting WJBW to people, so much so that we now have a solid following all across the country..SO THANK YOU. .. If you haven’t already join the email list. Sign UP Here to make sure you are looped into everything we have to offer..Thank YOU...


This Week, ON The JB Rev Show , we have a conversation lined up with the Bass Player of The Hip Abduction stoked to have a session lined up with Chris Powers.



THA OR (The Hip Abduction) is quite an incredible band,Once you hear the sounds of THA.. and realize they have played festivals and been on the same billing as Ziggy Marley, Thievery Corporation, 311, Moon Taxi and more. You know this is a sound that will persist we are proud they hail from why don’t you try a sample..and perhaps YOU may be inclined to SHAKE IT..


Tuesday Night 8pm we chat with Chris.. In Our session we expect to learn a bit about Chris’s musical origins, the bands beginning and most excellent path ahead..they bring such an incredible sounds and vibe to any venue..sounds described as afropop, alt band, worldbeat, Again, the sound is all about the vibe…so therefore the vibe is solid..


Oh Snap as good fortune would have it.. they are hitting a few dates in Florida this November at some choice venues..check it

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The Balance of the week, we have Music cued up to encourage the continuance of shaking things..via The Circadian Cast So remember if you are ever in doubt the right thing to do is, Shake IT...Rock Steady..JB



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