WJBW is an Independent Network of Original content.

WJBW is a spin off from the Orlando #Quasiradiowebshow founded in 2009 by JB WeBB aka Joel Webner.

The JB WeBB Show Now called.. The JB Rev Show or Permaname harkening back to radio call letters WJBW is dedicated to helping promote artists,musicians and activists, along with a good mix of Local Legend Interviews all done with a unique modern interview style.

WJBW is also pleased to introduce The Circadian Cast which was designed originally to be a 30 minute podcast playing music of great musicians and promoting events all across the country, daily news and some funny original bits. Turned into a musical shrine for those with discerning ears,,

WJBW is looking to work with others who may wish to join our Network, for rebroadcast or simulcast into a daily rotation for that full LIVE  internet radio Network aspect for which we are currently striving.

Want to get involved ? Drop us a line if you are interested or just sit back and enjoy.



VIVA Indie,


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