Thank YOU TorchBearer’s Everywhere :WJBW Blogging Follies

HUGE Thanks to those that keep pushing forward without thought of reward or fame.or money…..those that DO IT for the LOVE….Thank YOU. We work weekly to honor those that keep blazing forward, as we strive to be the humble template for ourselves.

As we do weekly here we push ever forward in working to honor those that are busting their ass to make things happen so once again Thank you.


This week on The Jb Rev Show, we have a special call from a talented friend in Berlin Marcelle Mitchner. aka The Jazzmanian Devil…  Marcelle is a DJ in Berlin and had some time in Orlando years ago so being able to catch up with him and learn about Berlin and the local flavor will be a special treat for our listeners..We will chat all about the culture and community and more of Marcelle’s efforts and endeavours.


Then 8pm we hope to have our scheduled call with the owner of Beth’s Burgers Beth Steele. Beth’s Burgers is a most delightful establishment that offers delicious food at affordable prices. We are honored to chat with beth to learn more about her growing enterprise.



And of course we keep stoking the Fires with Original Sounds Via The Circadian Cast so keep throwing some logs of love on the fire for what we are doing because it is simply one of the most genuine and consistent works of genuine curiosity and love of our fellow human you will find being produced via an independent production company, because at the end of the day we all know it is what you DO that actually makes the difference..Cheers JB


IN Closing Today I am seeing News that We Lost great friend and Talented Artist Jim Jackson and as I was writing this blog caugh wind of this news. Needless to say I am just blown away by the idea of not being to ever see..Jim again, …….we LOVE YOU brother GODSPEED. …Jim Pictured to the Left of Morgan Steele who past away a couple years ago..JUST WOW,,,Tuesday night we hope to have some calls set up to chat about JIM, Joseph Martens and Dirt McCoy and we welcome YOU 407-906-9328 ..OK PAPA



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