The Math Of Kahn : 2(Snap!) + 2(Kahn) = ;) Orlando : WJBW Blogging Follies

Hey all you..Whole Numbers ..Natural Number and Prime Numbers  out there.. We have a delightful symphony of synchronicities to offer on the next edition of WJBW Art Pictured below via Mark Gmehling   Every Tuesday night 7pm is via.. WJBW We go LIVE with an independent digital buffet of original content. as it were..and This week is surely […]

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On The Next.. WJBW

Hey Hey …what it is,, brothers and sisters…This week we have our 9th LIVE in studio guest. We are just going to keep on going until we break something. This week Tuesday evening 7pm ish.. we get to Chat with a multipurpose Orlando personality. Jerry Johnson known quite well across Orlando, for his years and […]

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Choose your Weapon

Hey Hey hope all is well in your digital world..I had too many dirty martinis this weekend so im feeling it..oh i need to remember to cut that out …anyway..So here we are at our 7th straight LIVE IN Studio guest for our resurrection of The JB WeBB Show….First off starting tomorrow .we are moving our […]

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Time Release Broadcasts

Yes Yes, as we Resurrected The JB Webb Show on March 17th 2015…  we now offer a solid schedule of our in studio guests for the next few weeks.. We broadcast LIVE on the internet from This site and we start around 6pm ish EST, you can chat live during the broadcast or give us […]

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